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DINAMITA MUZICALA: Ekseption, "Adagio – Space – Italian Concerto" (Beggar Julia’s Time Trip)


Original released as LP Philips 6314001,
February 1970

1. Ouverture (Rick Van Der Linden) 3:27
2. Prologue (Rick Van Der Linden / Linda Van Dyck) 2:14
3. Julia (Rick Van Der Linden/Michel Van Dijk) 2:22
4. Flying Power (Rick Van Der Linden) 0:31rickvanderlinden p
5. Adagio (T. Albinoni, arranged Rick Van Der Linden) 3:43
6. Space I (J.S. Bach, arranged Rick Van Der Linden) 0:43
7. Italian Concerto (J.S. Bach, arranged Rick Van Der Linden) 4:57
8. Concerto (P.I. Tchaikovsky, arranged Rick Van Der Linden) 3:53
9. Space II (Rick Van Der Linden) 0:25
10. Pop Giant (Rick Van Der Linden / Michel Van Dijk) 3:52
11. Space III (Rick Van Der Linden) 0:21
12. Feelings (Rick Van Der Linden) 3:08
13. Epilogue (Rick Van Der Linden / Linda Van Dyck) 0:54
14. Finale: Music For Mind/Theme Julia (Rick Van Der Linden / Michel Van Dijk, arranged Rick Van Der Linden) 3:57

RICK VAN DER LINDEN: Piano, Spinet, Xylophone, Hammond Organ, Pipe Organ, Melotron, Percussion
DENNIS WHITBREAD: Drums, Kettledrums
REIN VAN DEN BROEK: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Pocket Trumpet
DICK REMELINK: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Flute
MICHEL VAN DIJK: Vocals, Percussion

LINDA VAN DYCK: Voice on Prologue and Epilogue
ERIC VAN LIER: Trombone, Tuba
TONY VOS: Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Tonytone, Percussion, Electronic Effects

RICK VAN DER LINDEN: Compositions and Arrangements

TONY VOS: Production
GERARD BECKERS: Recording and Mixing Engineer, Electronic Effects
JAN SCHUURMAN: Assistant Engineer, Electronic Effects

EKSEPTION is a Dutch band that was famous during the late sixties / early seventies for the way it combined themes from classical composers with contemporary rock and jazz in a blend of dominating, virtuoso keys and trumpet plus sax(es). The story of EKSEPTION as we know it begins when they won the first prize at the Loosdrecht Jazz Festival in 1968, and they were rewarded with a record contract with Philips.
Rick van der LINDEN emerged as the band’s artistic leader, and on this second album he was responsible for arranging and writing the music. Quite astounding Beggar Julia’s Time Trip leads the way to an excellent Holland Progressive Rock. Rick Van Der Linden (Trace’s leader) strikes with this huge wonderful masterpiece, based in a L.V.Beethoven opus. Sometimes pretencious but never boring, this vibrant garish pearl remains a remarkable effort to conceptual works enrichment, Underrated, even for Trace loonies! Being unavailable for a long time, this is your chance to get it here, at your favorite music blog.

Sursa: Rato Records Blog

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