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DINAMITA MUZICALA: Focus, “Hamburger Concerto” (fragment)


Hamburger Concerto is a 1974 studio album by the band Focus, peaking #20[2] in the UK charts. Based on the first Brahms variation on a theme by Haydn which was, itself, premiered in Hamburg.

Side one

1. “Delitiae Musicae” (Jan Akkerman) – 1:13
2. “Harem Scarem” (Thijs van Leer) – 5:50
3. “La Cathedrale de Strasbourg” (Thijs van Leer) – 5:00
4. “Birth” (Jan Akkerman) – 7:45

Side two

5. “Hamburger Concerto” – 20:18
* “Starter” (Thijs van Leer)
* “Rare” (Jan Akkerman)
* “Medium I” (Thijs van Leer)
* “Medium II” (Jan Akkerman)
* “Well Done” (Thijs van Leer)
* “One for the Road” (Jan Akkerman)

CD bonus track

6. “Early Birth” (Jan Akkerman) – (2:54)


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