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DINAMITA MUZICALA: Ejwuusl Wessahqqan, "AFN" (KrautRock)


Ejwuusl Wessahqqan (1975, 40.53/67.49) ***½/0 (T)
Die Geborstenen Kuppeln Von Yethlyreom
Die Orangefarbene Wüste Südwestlich Von Ignarh
Thuloneas Körperejwuuslwessahqqan-ejwuusl p
[CD adds:
The Crystal
La Mer]

Current availability:
* Garden of Delights (Germany)

Mellotron used:
* Unknown

The utterly unpronounceable Ejwuusl Wessahqqan were a one-shot German progressive/kraut crossover band, whose instrumental, organ-infested eponymous album stands up pretty well in comparison to some of their contemporaries. OK, it’s self-indulgent, but at least it isn’t Mad Hippy Shit and Michael ‘Hieronymus’ Winzker’s Hammond work is reminiscent of Jon Lord’s, largely because like Lordy on Deep Purple in Rock, he doesn’t appear to be putting it through a Leslie. Anyway, the album consists of two ten-minute tracks on side one, with one short and one very long one on the flip, all but the short one (Thuloneas Körper) being keyboard/bass jams, with Rene Filous’ enthusiastic if clunky bass work standing out.

Those wonderful Garden of Delights people have reissued this rarity with four bonus tracks, the latter two of which are apparently actually by a later Winkzer project, Koala-Bär. There’s no Mellotron at all on the original album or the first two bonus tracks, but the second of the later band’s tracks, La Mer, is a gentle, drifting piece, featuring an unusual Mellotron strings/synth unison part, although it’s not quite worth the price of admission on its own.

So; a decent enough album, probably approaching essential for fans of the genre(s), although not for its Mellotron use. Worthwhile.

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